BREYDON’s contact information

April 2020.
Updated 05 March 2023.

1. In person

During the COVID‑19 pandemic, I will not be attending big events. If you happen to encounter me on our respective essential outings, do say hello.

2. Encrypted media

You might have my old P.G.P. public key. I am no longer using it. Encryption is prudent (vital!) stuff, but for now my priority is establishing reliable access to electronic correspondence at all. After that, a new public key should soon follow. You will find it on this page.

In the meantime, you can try sending me messages via Signal, to the number +61 480 253 456, so that they will be encrypted automatically.

3. Ordinary post

The most dependable way to contact me from a great distance is by tangible mail ―

K. F. Breydon
PO Box 107
Clarinda, VIC  3169

4. Email

Emailing me is well worth a shot if convenient and safe for you. For accessibility, please be sure to send:

  • Message bodies in plain text (rather than H.T.M.L.)
  • All other essentials as small attachments

4.1. Attachments

Please aim to keep attachments to a few hundred kilobytes in size, or less. Files which are necessarily bigger are a‐okay if we arrange it in advance. Think: most production‐quality audio of more than one channel or more than one minute; substantial manuscripts; high‐resolution versions of photographs; and so on.

Attachments are best in file‐formats which are open and (where possible) non‐proprietary. This way, I will have more hope of accessing the material that you are trying to convey, or of replying in‐kind.

Any content relying on hotlinks or “cloud” applications will be considered to have never been supplied! For instance: information presented as embedded images that are hosted on some web‐server, or consultation processes held through Google forms. 😞 Those sorts of approaches are exclusionary, to say the least. The good news is, we can simply include the essence of our messages directly in our messages… so that’s pretty ace.

4.2. For those mindful of kinds of plain text

If you’re wondering about character‐encodings, UTF-8 is preferred; nevertheless, most other encodings are wranglable when clearly stated. 😁

I’m completely unfussed whether you use reflowed text or hard linebreaks. I will try my best to match your usage.

4.3. Email addressing

My public email address is ~wrul/

If you would be happy for me to publish your message (in full or in part), please write [CITABLE] in the subject line.

Some guidance — to your name (as you would like to be credited), location (if you like), and their pronunciation — will be much appreciated. Include your pronouns if you have them and want them.

Other responses can also be delivered to ~wrul/

5. Other ways of interacting over the Internet or its successors or antecedents or contemporaries

Well‐audited, free1 options I am open to considering. Let me know what works for you.

Currently, on federating, web‐based social media, you can get in touch

6. Anything else

Thanks for taking the time to have a squiz at this page. If there is anything else you would like it to cover, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Free”; meaning properly non‐proprietary. I may be able to spend modestly on hosting or to support development.